Isaac van Tillinghast

Isaac Van Tillinghast. Better known as "The doctor", a deceased heretech magos.


Isaac Van Tillinghast. Better known as “The doctor”, a deceased heretech magos.

Isaac began as an acolyte from the world of Solomon. He was a techpriest, following in his father’s footsteps. His mother was killed on an Inquisitorial mission a short while after he was born. She was a sanctioned psyker.

Isaac excelled as a magos Biologos, and was eventually placed in an operations cell of an Inquisitor Rathholm. The other members of this acolyte cell were Adeptus Arbites trooper Sigmund “Kanak” Wulfe, Imperial Guard conscripts Richard Archer and Danielle Greene of the Splectoris 456 marine regiment and Sanctioned psyker known only as “Dregg”.

Isaac has reached the title of Magos at the age of 89, a short while after Sigmund Wulfe was made an Inquisitor. Isaac remained in contact with Sigmund, and was assinged to his acolyte cadre. Meanwhile he was using inquisitorial resources, as well as funds from many different corrupt officials he blackmailed into obidience to fund his research. He was convinced that humanity as a whole has reached an evolutionary standstill, and that they needed to adapt artificially in order to surv ive the coming age of darkness. His attention was turned to the Tyranids, a species of xenos capable of extreme adaptation within a matter of hours. He began to engeneer a tyranid/human hybrid.

His experiments violated major laws of the Imperium of Man. Primarily those concerned with the altering of the human form, xenos trafficking, treason, poisoning multiple worlds, assassination of planetary governors, research regarding warp altering technology (maletech), psychic domination, cloning, archeotech and the destruction of multiple imperial vessels.

his greatest, but ultimately foiled crimes are the luring of a tyranid hive fleet into the Calixis sector, and Scintilla itself, and the attempted assassination of every noble on Scintilla.

Isaac was mutated by his own experiments, and was killed by 2 inquisitorial acolytes.

Isaac van Tillinghast

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