Places: Phobora

Phobora was a small planet in the Calixis Sector of Imperial Space. Phobora was a small, M class planet, that classifies it as a twin world, identical to Earth. it’s climate and geogrophy were simular. With the sheer number of worlds encountered by the Imperium of man, it was not very hard to find worlds such as this.

Phobora was a remote base of operations to the Doctor. He preformed test on the population of humans living there. A Feudal world, by all Imperial standards, the technology of this planet never really advanced past black powder weapons. As a result, it fell quickly to the technologically superior mutant army of the Doctor.

An average human on Phobora was altered by the doctor by the age of 2. At that point, their immune system proved to be far sturdier than that of an average human. reports indicate, that a healthy human, that was ingesting a specific, but unknown chemical compound regularly, had the same sort o immunity to disease that is encountered in the Adeptus Astartes!

Phobora’s other distinct feature was the warp compression satellite orbiting it. Hardy, but heavily mutated Phoborians would be shuttled off to maintain the archeotech space station. The space station proved to be an impressive weapon. It would create a bubble of warp energy, right outside a ship’s Gellar field. Then, it would shrink the field rapidly, so the Gellar field would overload and implode, causing the ship to be violently sucked into the warp, to be devoured by daemons.

A cell of 2 acolytes under Inquisitor Wulfe were sent in to investigate this world going rouge, and why the Imperial Reclamation Fleets sent for it disappeared. This world is now uninhabitable, seeing as the satellite station crashed into the palace of the planetary ruler. This is where the acolytes first found evidence of the Doctor using cloning technology.

15 years after the day of swarms, this planet was strip mined by the Adeptus Mechanicus in order to pay for the damages that occurred during the Tyranid invasion.

Places: Phobora

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