Solomon Airship

It's an airship..... from Solomon.


Solomon is a world known for 3 things. An arid, blasted wastelands where it rains acid. A world for refining minerals gathered from the nearby system, and airships. Nobody actually wishes to travel on foot,or by wheel, so the Airships are the best mode of transportation. (Disciples of the dark gods, house of dust and ash page 206 for Airship schematics). [YES, HOMUNCULUS, I AM A LAZY BASTARD, SO BITE ME!].

This craft is capable of transporting up to 250 people at once, as well as approximately 100 tonnes of cargo. A ticket for a one way trip is 200 thrones. 400 thrones for first class.

An average Stuart is using the dreg standard rules. the defenses are heavy stubbers, and 3 mounted Las cannons. Average armor plating is 4 points of cover.


Solomon Airship

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